Pennsylvania's First Certified Food Site 

Commerce Park, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

In March of 2015, Clearly Ahead Development advanced its initiative to achieve the Primus/Garner Food Site Certification for the 162-acre Commerce Park located in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, by selecting the joint venture of Primus Builders and Garner Economics to conduct a shovel-ready site analysis of the Commerce Park.  Clearly Ahead Development chose to pursue this food site certification because food and beverage companies are a significant target industry sector for the county.  the certification process began with an extensive labor analysis focused on workforce requirements of the food and beverage industry.  The process ended with the build out of the park into specific lots and sizes to utilize all acreage of the Commerce Park.  Primus Builders, Inc. is one of the leading design-build resources in the food and beverage industryGarner Economics, LLC. provides innovative economic development solutions in a competitive global market.  As of August 4, 2015, Clearly Ahead Development was awarded the Primus /Garner Food Site Certification for the Commerce Park.  This recognition was the First to be awarded in Pennsylvania.  

Click below to download the Commerce Park information Guide.


The 162-acre site consists of industrial and commercial lots in a terraced Fashion with infrastructure including access roads, overhead and underground electric, telecommunications, water, sewage, and natural gas services.  Located on Industrial Park Road, Commerce Park is less than one mile from Interstate 80 and State Route 879.  Recently zoned Industrial Limited Special, Clearly Ahead is positioning the site to attract a wide range of capital investment in an effort to bring new food and beverage processing jobs to the area.  The Commerce Park is also located in a Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ).

"The investment in the park of paved roads and significant electrical and water/sewage infrastructure makes this location unique.  Speed to market is a key factor for companies making large investments in construction.  With the barrier of lengthy upfront site and utility development removed, Commerce Park commands attention.  This certification tells the food industry that the Commerce Park is open for business-just bring your plans."

-Tony Pitrone, Vice President of Primus Builders, Inc.   

The Master Site Plan of the Commerce Park is broken up into 11 lots as seen below.  The lots range from 4.50 acres to 26.20 acres with potential building sizes ranging from 30,000 sq.ft. to 185,000 sq.ft.  The site plan and legend are shown below.  

Lot # Acres BLDG. Size (SQ.FT.) Dock Doors Truck Parking Auto Parking Rail Service
1 9.80 32,000 5 5 36 NO
2 10.54 75,000 13 12 36 NO
3 4.50 30,000 0 0 36 NO
4 5.88 32,000 6 4 36 NO
5 14.95 32,000 0 0 36 NO
6 11.88 45,000 10 5 36 NO
7 20.75 37,500 10 5 36 NO
8 12.45 110,000 16 30 36 YES
9 26.20 185,000 32 50 60 NO
10 18.95 105,000 14 30 36 YES
11 25.97 150,000 24 50 60 YES


"The certification process is a critical component to assist business prospects to determine whether a site is conducive to their operations.  A certified site is a major competitive advantage over other sites and industrial parks that do not have a unified compilation of site selection data critical to a company's decision making process."

-Rob Swales, CEO of Clearly Ahead Development 

Primus's engineers have provided a master site plan, virtual spec building (See Below), and various forms of marketing materials to help in efforts to create business activity in the Commerce Park.

If interested in the Commerce Park or learning more about the park, please contact the Clearly Ahead Development Office or Click Here to download the Commerce Park informational guide from the Primus Builders and Garner Economics.