2018 Year in Review


Clearly Ahead Development’s mission for 2018 was to proudly serve the community to create growth and opportunity in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

In 2018, Clearly Ahead Development saw much progress in Clearfield County and as an organization.  Above is a presentation that was introduced at the Clearly Ahead Development Annual Luncheon for 2018.  Clearly Ahead’s goals are local business outreach, out of area business outreach, community outreach, continuing education, and press releases.  

Clearfield County Profile for 2018:  

Clearfield County had 2,148 employers,of those employers 1,960 were private sector employers and 188 were government entities (State, Local, Federal).  Clearfield County had 1,530 new job postings in 2018, an increase of 967 from 2017.  There were 2,678 new jobs in the tri-county area in 2018, an increase of 1,573 from 2017.

Top postings in high demand occupations

  • Health Care Industry
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Professional Administration/Management
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Criminal Justice

70% Require a High School Dipoma
9% Require an Associates Degree
16% Require a Bachlor's Degree
5% Require a Master's/Doctorate Degree

Clearly Ahead also reported impact figures for 2018. These impact numbers represent what Clearly Ahead has done in association with loans, grants, and projects for Clearfield County.  

  • 4 Industrial Projects
  • 116 Jobs Retained
  • 25 New Jobs Created
  • $5.5 Million Capital Investment

Along with administering projects, Clearly Ahead also took on the duties for the Clearfield Foundation which lead to the management of the Clearfield Commerce Park which is located right off Interstate 80 exit 120 in Clearfield.  Clearly Ahead helped make the park unique as it became the first "Certified Food Site" in Pennsylvania.  The site was certified by Garner Economics/Primus Builders of Georgia.  Click Here to learn more about the Food Certification.

In addition to the Food Site Certification, the Commerce Park will be the new home for TAFCO, a company from Hyde, PA.  

2018 was a very successful year for Clearly Ahead Development and we look forward to creating more successful projects in 2019.  To read the press release provided by Gant Daily about the Annual Luncheon, please click on the link below: