Target Industries

With Clearfield County’s diverse assets, these key industries food grade processing, gas-to-liquids, cement & brick, transportation, pulp & paper, and fertilizer production have become the target industries for Clearly Ahead Development.  Key assets such as highway access, pipeline infrastructure, electricity infrastructure, rail, and air services have geared Clearly Ahead towards these industries for future job creation and company relocation/expansion.  

Food Grade Processing:

Food Grade Processing has become a new target industry for Clearly Ahead Development.  The food processing industry provides about 60% of the foods consumed by U.S. Households.  The total price for producing these foods come from the energy spent in the food process.  The cost of energy is crucial part of this cost from processes such as pasteurizing and commercial sterilization of the foods.  Clearfield has started to see this industry locate in Clearfield County with WhiteWave Foods moving in.  


Gas-to-Liquids (GTL):

GTL is a refinery process that converts natural gas into gasoline or diesel fuel, methane into liquid synthetic fuels such as methanol.  GTL uses an abundance of gas making Clearfield County a hot spot for this industry.  There are many potential outputs from GTL processes including syn-crude, diesel, gasoline, di-methyl ether, and ethylene.  The focus on liquids is key because of the transportation fuels that help a local company in Pennsylvania Grain Processing (PGP).  Please look into the project management pages to learn more about the ethanol plant that is known as PGP.   

Cement & Brick:

Cement and Brick are known for their raw materials such as clay and shale.  These two are found in every region of the world.  In Pennsylvania the Utica and Marcellus Shale play has created an abundance of these raw materials.  Clearfield County was former home of two brick refactories, Harbison-Walker and TYK America.  


The transportation industry is an industry focused on location to major highways and routes.  With Clearfield County having easy access to interstate 80, US Route 119, US Route 219, and US Route 322 the transportation industry will have many established highways for their deliveries.  Many major fleet services our located within the county with the Wal-Mart Distribution Center located in Woodland being the biggest.

Pulp & Paper:

Historically the timber and hardwood industry has become a major industry within Clearfield County.  These industries strive on the resources offered in Clearfield County with natural gas being resource for it.  Natural gas helps in the drying kilns process of hardwood creation.  Many wood processing clusters are established in Clearfield County with companies such as Appalachian Wood Products, Domtar, and Walker Lumber.  

Fertilizer Production:

Fertilizer nutrients are the key component for crop production.  Fertilizer production is an energy intense industry with use of natural gas.  Natural gas is a major feedstock for the production of ammonia which is used in fertilizer production.  Natural gas is also used as a fuel in the fertilizer process as well.  Fertilizer production is also energy intensive on the electric side.  With major electric lines running through Clearfield County, this industry can grow.