Logistics & Infrastructure


Clearfield County is located in Central Pennsylvania with access to major markets in the Northeast and Midwest United States via US Interstate 80 which runs through the county.  Interstate 80 has 6 interchanges within Clearfield County that encompass 42 miles from west to east with access to major State and Federal Highways.  Interstate 80 provides residents and businesses easy access to many of the county’s major metropolitan areas and second tier cities.  Exits off interstate 80 include 97 and 101 at DuBois, 111 at Penfield/Clearfield, 120 at Clearfield, 123 at Woodland, and 133 at Kylertown.  

Clearfield County also encompasses three U.S. Routes that cross through its borders.  Routes 119 and 219 run north-south through the county, while Route 322 runs east-west through the county.  State routes are also present in the county including these major Routes 36, 53, 153, 255, 879, and 970.  


Clearfield County is home to two railroad companies, Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Company (BPRR) and R.J. Corman Railroad Company.  BPRR is a 368 mile regional freight railroad company that is owned and operated by Genesee & Wyoming, Inc (G&W).  The G&W serves 41 states and 4 Canadian Provinces.  They also serve 40 major ports with the 13,000 miles of track they provide.  G&W owns and operates 113 short lines and regional freight railroads.  

BPRR is the rail that is located in Clearfield County from the G&W, Inc.  BPRR interchanges with Allegheny Valley Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National, CSX Transportation, Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad, Norfolk Southern, Rochester & Southern Railroad, and Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway.

Commodities in which BPRR and G&W transport include aggregates, brick & cement, automotive, chemicals, coal, food/feed products, forest products, metallic ores/minerals, and steel/scrap.

R.J. Corman is a short-line railroad company that has an office in Clearfield, PA and has rail on site at our managing property, the Commerce Park.  Corman serves all 7 North American major railroads, many regional and short-line railroads and industries having rail.  

Services provided by R.J. Corman include owning/operating eleven short-lines, providing emergency rail services associated with derailments and natural disasters, switching, track construction, track material distribution, signal design/construction, aircraft maintenance, building switching locomotives, and operating two dinner trains.  

With the ability of these two railroads for interchanging with other companies, goods can be transported virtually anywhere via rail from Clearfield County.  


Two airports are accessible to Clearfield County, the DuBois Regional Airport and the Clearfield-Lawrence Township Airport.  Both of these airports offer commercial and general aviation services. 

The DuBois Regional Airport is located off exit 90 of Interstate 80 with access to State Route 830.  They offer flights through Silver Airways to Johnstown and Washington Dulles International Airports.  Washington Dulles International offers 81 non-stop U.S. destinations and 48 nonstop international destinations.  DuBois Regional Airport has a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).  The FTZ gives the airport an advantage in duty exemption, duty deferral, inverted tariff, and logistics benefit.     

Pipeline Infrastructure:

With Clearfield County being in the heart of Marcellus Shale, downstream industries have become a target for Clearly Ahead Development due to the pipeline infrastructure throughout the county.  Clearfield County has four major pipelines that supply the county.  Of these four major pipelines, three are natural gas and one is a Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) line.  National fuel is a 20” natural gas pipeline that is located in the northern part of the county above interstate 80 designated by the yellow line on the pipeline map.  Dominion is a 30” natural gas pipeline that is also located in the northern part of the county represented by the red line.  TEPPCO is an 8” LPG pipeline that is the only one of its kind in the county being represented by an orange line.  The last pipeline located in Clearfield County is the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania pipeline located in southern Clearfield County.  This pipeline is a 16” natural gas line represented by the blue line of the pipeline image.

Electricity Infrastructure:

PA is an electric choice state, meaning industrial customers shop with competitive suppliers for all electric delivery services.  Delivery services average around 1.5 cents per kWH for larger industrial customers.  Supplier’s charges vary between 5-6 cent per kWH.  Average Cost of electric for this type of application is around 6.5-7 cents per kWH as of 2015 rates.  

Clearfield County provides quality electricity infrastructure with three sizes of electric transmission lines that run throughout the county.  The electric line sizes are 115 kV (Blue Lines), 230 kV (Yellow Line), and 345kV (Red Line).