Funding Opportunities

Clearly Ahead Development offers many funding opportunities on the local level, state level and federal level.  Key funding opportunities are listed below that Clearly Ahead Development have previously been involved with.  Other funding opportunities beside the funding programs below are available; please see the links below for state and federal funding.  Clearly Ahead will also be available for your convenience with questions pertaining to any funding.  

Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority - Revolving Loan Fund (CCIDA-RLF):

Overview:  The purpose of the CCIDA-RLF is to respond to the need for supplemental source of financing to support industrial and commercial investment within the county of Clearfield.    

Uses:  Acquisition of Land and Buildings, New Construction, Rehabilitation, Machinery & Equipment, and Working Capital.  

Funding:  Loan request may not exceed 50% of total project costs or $100,000, whichever is less.  One job must be created for every $35,000 in loan proceeds.  Owner must inject no less than 10% of the total project cost.  Any form of public or private financing may be used in conjunction with proceeds from the RLF program.    

Terms:  Machinery & Equipment up to 7 year term, Land & Building up to 15 year term, and Working Capital up to 3 year term.  Interest rate is at 3.5% for the year of 2015.

How to Apply:  To apply for the CCIDA-RLF please complete the application below and return to CCIDA, 511 Spruce Street, Suite 5, Clearfield, PA  16830 or you may email the completed application to Paul McCloskey at  Deadline for submission is Thursday, July 20, 2017.  To view grant guidelines click on the link below.

To view the guidelines for the Infrastructure Grant and Non-Profit Loan Fund Program click the following link:  /Media/Files/2017%20Guidlines.pdf

To view and print the application for the Infrastructure Grant and Non-Profit Loan Fund Program click the following link: 


Curwensville Development Corporation - Revolving Loan Fund (CDC-RLF):

Overview:  The purpose of the CDC-RLF is to provide supplemental financing to support industrial and commercial investment in the Curwensville and Grampian areas of Clearfield County.  These areas include Curwensville Borough, Grampian Borough, Pike Township, and Penn Township.  

Uses: Acquisition of Land & Building, Machinery & Equipment, Building Improvements, Rehabilitation or property improvements including but not limited to facades and signage.  

Funding: Loan request will be approved up to 80% of the total project cost or up to $10,000m whichever is first.  The borrower must inject 10%-20% into the project.  The funding can be combined with traditional sources of public financing or independently.  

Terms:  Machinery & Equipment up to a 7 year term, Land & Building up to a 15 year term.   

How to Apply: Please contact Clearly Ahead Development for information regarding the CDC-RLF.

Pennsylvania Economic Devleopment Financing Authority - Taxable and Tax Exempt Bond Program (PEDFA):

Overview:  Tax exempt and taxable bonds, both in pooled transactions and stand-alone transactions, to be used to finance land, building, equipment, working capital, and refinancing.

Uses:  Land & Building acquisition, Building Renovation & New Construction, Machinery & Equipment Acquisition and Installation, designated infrastructure, and Tax-Exempt Bond Refinancing.  

Funding:  Loans no less than 400,000 and no more than $10 million for manufacturers.  No upper limit for other projects.  Funding covers up to 100% of project costs.  

Eligibility:  Manufacturers, Non-Profit 501 (c)(3), Energy, Solid Waste Disposal, Waste Treatment, Transportation Facilities, and Assisted Living/Housing.  

Terms:  Since 1989, rates have averaged 46% of the prime interest rate.  The weekly variable interest rate is tied to market for Tax-Exempt Bonds.  Bonds are available for up to 30 year term.  Borrower generally must secure letter of credit from bank and pay a $500 fee due at time of application, to be credited against the insurance fee when project closes.  

How to Apply:  Please contact Industrial Development Authority and Corporation.    

Website to Guidelines:

Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA):

Overview: PIDA provides eligible businesses with low-interest loans and lines of credit.  Businesses must commit to creating and retaining full-time jobs and for the development of industrial parks and multi-tenant facilities.  Applications for a PIDA loan are packages and underwritten by a network of certified economic development organizations that partner with PIDA to administer the Program.  

Uses:  Land & Building Acquisitions, Construction & Renovation Costs, Machinery & Equipment Purchases, Working Capital & Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit, Multi-Tenant Facility Projects, and Industrial Park Projects.  

Funding: Portion of the total eligible project costs can be financed under the PIDA program.  The maximum amount is determined by many factors including; proposed use of the PIDA funds, type of business enterprise applying for the financing, amount of matching finances from sources outside of PIDA, and by the number of full-time jobs that will either be retained or created.

Eligibility: Manufacturing, Industrial, Agricultural, Research & Development, Hospitality, Defense Conversion, Recycling, Construction, Child Day-Care, Retail & Service, Export, and Computer-Related Service Enterprises.   

Terms:  Land & Building Acquisitions & Construction up to 15 year term, Machinery & Equipment Purchases up to 10 year term, Working Capital & Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit up to a term of 1 year and can be renewed.

Interest Rates of program will be based on current market conditions.  

How to Apply:  Certified Economic Development Organizations help in loan applications packaging.  The Organization will work with you to determine whether or now the PIDA loan program can assist with financing for your project.  Clearly Ahead Development is a Certified Economic Development Organization.     


State Website for Finding Grant/Loan Opportunities:

Federal Website for Finding Grant/Loan Opportunities: