Workforce Data

Clearfield County has a population of 81,174 with 42,153 of those being male and 39,021 of those being female.  Within the North Central region including Jefferson, Cameron, Elk, Potter, and McKean Counties, Clearfield County has the highest Population.  Clearfield County is home to one city, DuBois, which has a population of 7,693.  Of the 81,174 people, Clearfield County has a civilian labor force of 36,300 people and an unemployment rate of 6.2%.  

The major industry sectors in Clearfield County include the following:
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance with 302 employer units and 6,363 employed.
  • Transportation and Warehousing with 168 employer units and 2,933 employed.
  • Retail Trade with 316 employer units and 4,469 employed.
  • Manufacturing with 105 employer units and 2,674 employed.
  • Accommodation and Food Services with 160 employer units and 2,272 employed.  
Wage Data:

Estimated wages for a resident of Clearfield county is $30,276 with the average hourly rate at $16.88.

To view the Clearfield County profile provided by the Department of Labor please CLICK HERE.