Certified Sites & Industrial Park

Commerce Park:

The Commerce Park was awarded the first Food Site Certification for Pennsylvania in August of 2015. To learn more about the food site certification please CLICK HERE and follow the link to our "Food Site Certified" page or use the navigation tool located in the upper left hand of the screen and search for the page under site slection.  

The Commerce Park is a 162 acre site that consists of industrial and commercial lots in a terraced fashion with infrastructure including access roads, overhead and underground electric, telecommunications, water, sewage, and natural gas services available throughout most of the site.  Located on Industrial Park Road, the Commerce Park is less than one mile from Interstate 80 and State Route 879.  The site has been recently zoned Industrial Limited Special which gives the site more ability for growth.  

Amenities of the site include:

  • On site rail from RJ Corman.
  • Served with 34.5/19.9 kV 3 Phase Distribution.
  • Full Serviced Natural Gas with a maximum of 80 PSI and a minimum of 40 PSI.   
  • 12” Water Main with 1 Million Gallons a day or more potential on site.
  • Adjacent to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.
  • KOZ and LERTA Incentives.

Clearly Ahead Development is the manager of the park.  For more information regarding the infrastructure of the park or any inquiries that you might have, please contact Clearly Ahead Development or CLICK HERE to download the Site Certification that the Commerce Park recently received.   

Curwensville Industrial Park:











The Curwensville Industrial Park is a newly redeveloped Brownfield site located in Curwensville, PA. 

 This site was the former Howe’s Leather Company, which was a leather tannery that operated from approximately 1900 until 2003.  In March of 2014, Clearly Ahead development took over ownership of the land parcels with intentions of creating industrial growth within the community.  The creation of this Industrial Park was funded by a grant that they received at the Pennsylvania Brownfield’s Conference in Pittsburgh in 2012.  In the summer of 2015, the Industrial Park will be available for purchase once elevations are finalized.    

The Curwensville Industrial Park is located on Bailor Drive in Curwensville.  This site covers 26.5 acres of land with industrial zoning at the price of $34,500 per acre.  Local developers are willing to build to suit for targeted businesses such as Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Metal Fabrication.  

Amenities of the site include:

  • Located off State Route 879
  • City Water/Sewer
  • 34.5 kV Electric
  • High Capacity Natural Gas
  • Rail Accessible
  • Proximity to Susquehanna River

To learn more about the Brownfield Redevelopment of the Curwensville Industrial Park, Please refer to the Project Management Services Page. For any inquiries, please contact Clearly Ahead Development by using the Contact Us page.    


River Hill Power Site   










River Hill Power site is a 1,837.61 acre site that is located in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania near the town of Karthaus.  The original plan for the site was to be developed to become the River Hill Power Plant.  

Within the 1,837.61 acre site, a shovel ready pad of 60 acres has been compacted and removed of any geotechnical risk for construction.  All environmental controls required to allow construction such as retention ponds, drainage ditches, and more have been completed and are surrently in service.  All site leveling, grading, and re-vegetation outside of the shovel ready pad has been completed.  The access road to the site is capable of supporting two way traffic of 40 ton trucks.  This allows immediate access to PA Route 1011.  

The property is permitted to withdraw and/or consume up to 5 million gallons of water per day from the Susquewanna River which borders the property.  Along with this water consumption, the site holds a submerged lands license from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to construct and operate the required piping systems within the river to collect, withdraw, and discharge the water.

The site also has access to an adjacent 230 kV powerline.  On-Site rail transport is available with RJ Corman.  No Zoning restrictions in Karthaus Township.     

For more information please contact Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, or click here.