2015 Year in Review

Clearly Ahead Developments mission for 2015 was to proudly serve the community to create growth & opportunity in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

in 2015, Clearly Ahead Development has seen much progress in Clearfield County and as an organization.  Above is a presentation that was presented at the Clearly Ahead Development Annual Luncheon for 2015.  Clearly Ahead has goals and objectives that are implemented that Clearly Ahead tries to achieve in areas such as local business outreach, out of area business outreach, RLF proposals and approvals, community outreach, continuing education, and press releases.  

In 22015 Clearly Ahead presented this summary report at their Annual Luncheon of their Goal & Objective:  

  •    Clearly Ahead had a goal of 25 local business outreach meetings/contacts and achieved 85 meetings/contacts.
  •   Clearly Ahead had a goal of 50 out of area outreach meetings/contacts and achieved 139 meetings/contacts.
  •   Clearly Ahead had a goal of $200,000 in RLF proposals and achieved $634,300 in proposals with $484,300 being approved.
  •   Clearly Ahead had a goal of 25 community’s events and/or meetings and achieved that goal with attending 76 events and/or                 meetings.
  •   Clearly Ahead had a goal of 40 continuing education hours and achieved that goal by attending 150 credit hours of training with 43     hours being directed towards 2015 PEDI credit hours.
  •   Clearly Ahead has to publish 12 press releases a year and achieved that with posting 28 press releases with 62 confirmed sources       publishing these some of the press releases. 

By accomplishing these goals and objectives, Clearly Ahead has created valued reputation among community members and business leaders.  

In 2015, Clearly Ahead also reported the impact figures to the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (PEDA) for the year of 2014. These impact numbers represent what Clearly Ahead has done in association with loans, grants, and projects administered for Clearfield County.  

  • $4,208,500 reported loans & bond activity to PEDA for state & local.
  • $250,000 reported grants to PEDA with state funding.    
  • $15,000 reported grants to PEDA with local funding.
  • Clearly Ahead reported 16 projects administered to PEDA.
  • With 14 projects administered, the total project cost reached $29,507,450.
  • These 14 projects created 120 jobs while maintaining 700.  

Project Management has become a quality service at Clearly Ahead Development with the vision on completing more projects in the future.  

Besides being project administrators, Clearly Ahead is also owners and operators of multi-tenant facilities and land parcels within Clearfield County.  As of 2015, Clearly Ahead owns 152,000 square feet of space and 262 acres of land.  Of the 152,000 square feet of space, 50% of it is currently occupied.  That 50% makes up 15 businesses such as Ryder Trucking and make up 127 jobs.  Since 1999, 11 out of 12 sites owned by Clearly Ahead are result of rescuing failing projects.  Only 1 site was developed to rapidly meet an immediate demand for growth with unmet capacity.       

2015 has also brought on a new name and identity to Clearly Ahead Development.  The organization started a rebranding initiative in the early part of 2015 to help marketing the organization as well as make the name more appealing to the general public.  Clearly Ahead was formerly known as Clearfield County Economic Development corporation since 1999.  The name was normally refered to as "CCEDC" which has created a marketing problem with other entities using those initials in the Economic Development industry throughout Pennsylvania.  The CCEDC rebranded to Clearly Ahead Development to help created a quality marketing presented along with connect of the organizationg towards its website URL.  Along with the change came a change in logo.  Clearly Ahead former logo was conflicting with another logo within the community.  By seperating these logos, Clearly Ahead created a quality brand identity within the community.  

Clearly Ahead Development was project managers of two redevelopment projects.  The first of these projects is the Clearfield Riverfront project that has completed one phase of the three phase project in 2015.  The phase that was completed is the Raftsman Park and sidewalk concept.  Pictured below is the completed first phase of the Riverwalk project:

The Riverwalk Project is funded by a RACP grant.  This phase of the project has a walkway that leads to the Raftsman Memorial Park.  The next focus on the Riverwalk Project for 2016 is the development of the hotel and market square concept.

Clearly Ahead Development's other redevelopment project was the Brownfield Redevelopment of the Former Howe's Leather Site.  This was a site that was home to a Former Tannery for over 100 years.  This site was cleaned up (as seen below) to create 26.5 acres of industrial land for sale in Curwensville, PA.  This industrial land is now refered to as the Curwensville Industrial Park.  Click Here to learn more about this site redevelopment. 

Along with administering projects, Clearly Ahead also took on the duties for the Clearfield Foundation which lead to the management of the Clearfield Commerce Park which is located right off Intertstate 80 exit 120 in Clearfield.  Clearly Ahead helped make the park unique as it became the first "Certified Food Site" in Pennsylvania.  The site was certified by Garner Economics/Primus Builders of Georgia.  Click Here to learn more about the Food Certification.

In addition to the Food Site Certification, the Commerce Park will be helping in the expansion of TAFCO, a company from Hyde, PA.  This expansion will help retain 80 employees to Clearfield County as well has create job growth of 10% per year.  TAFCO is constructing a 100,000 square foot building that will help manufacturer their walk-in coolers and freezers.     

The last part of the 2015 Year in Review is the Domestic & International business that Clearly Ahead Development has done.  Clearly Ahead has been in contact with companies in over 20 countries and 15 States.  Clearly Ahead Development is also involved in Foreign Direct Investment through DCED which helped facilitate 6 international visits.

2015 was a very successful year for Clearly Ahead Development and we look forward to create more successful projects in 2016.  To read the press release provided by Gant Daily about the Annual Luncheon, please click on the link below: